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Good Humans, Good Design: Meet Senior Interior Designer Lisa Butler

This week's Q + A is with Lisa Butler, Unscripted Rockstar since June 2013 and Senior Designer for our Colorado Model Design Studio. After graduating from the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design with a Bachelors in Interior Design and Green Design, Lisa went on to gain lots of experience in the industry before landing her first designer job at Unscripted almost 10 years ago! We have loved watching her grow over the years and recently asked her to share her perspective on design, life, and of course, being a good human!

Designer Lisa with her project Mr. Vector

All Things Unscripted

Q: What is your role in the company?

A: My role at Unscripted is Senior Interior Designer on the Colorado Model Team. I first started as a Designer almost 10 years ago and have since advanced to a Senior role!

Q: What does being a good human mean to you?

A: I just think, treat others the way you’d want to be treated. The world could just have a lot more kindness and tolerance. That would be being a good human to me.

"Treat others the way you’d want to be treated."

Q: What has been your favorite project since working at Unscripted?

A: Mesa Ridge in Las Vegas, Nevada, was my favorite. Four big houses with great, contemporary architecture!



Q: What is your favorite type of room to design and why?

A: A living room. I tend to love chairs and tables and this is a room you can really do some funky, fun furniture pieces.

Q: How would you describe your personal interior style?

A: I’d say edgy-contemporary. I tend to love weird things and gravitate towards things that you don’t see every day in interiors!

Q: If you could buy one piece of furniture or artwork (with an unlimited budget) what would it be?

A: Kelly Wearstler’s Fairfax Chairs in any of the District fabrics. They would be such a statement!

Q: Where do you find inspiration when designing?

A: I usually pull inspiration from all kinds of places. Seeing color combos that are unique often drives something for me – even my daughter’s stacking rings, I was like, this is a fun color scheme!

Q: Who is your favorite interior designer?

A: I love Sarah Sherman Samuel! She has her own funky take on things.



Q: Tell us about a favorite trip you’ve taken?

A: I think my honeymoon to Mexico City. I was super inspired by Frida Kahlo’s house and we ate the most amazing meal there. It’s a totally underrated city.

Frida Kahlo museum in Mexico City
Lisa visiting the Frida Kahlo museum in Mexico City

Q: How does interior design intertwine with your personal life?

A: I just moved into a new-build suburban house, and I’m currently trying to take it from builder grade to dream home! I’m always on Instagram or Pinterest finding inspiration for our house.

Q: Outside of work, how do you stay creative and inspired?

A: My husband and I love to travel and try new restaurants. I often am inspired by a place we’ve traveled or a new place we eat at...

entrance of Rosetta in Mexico City
Inspiration at the entrance of Rosetta in Mexico City

Q: Tell us about any upcoming projects you are getting excited about + describe the design direction!

A: I’m excited about a potential new Infinity project coming up! I always love their architecture!


Thanks so much, Lisa for spending some time with us! Want more? Follow our blog to keep up with good humans, good design and get to know our Unscripted Rockstars!


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