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Good Humans, Good Design: Meet Senior Designer Erika Crane

This week's Q + A is with Erika Crane, Unscripted Rockstar since January 2022 and Senior Designer for our Residential Design Studio. From working as an intern for Fabricut after college to holding several designer positions over the years, her extensive background as an interior designer brings her unique talents to our Residential Studio in so many ways, and we couldn't be more lucky to have her on our team. We recently asked her to share her perspective on design, life, and of course, being a good human!

All Things Unscripted

Q: What is your role in the company?

A: I am one of the Senior Designers for our Residential Design Studio. I recently celebrated my one-year anniversary with Unscripted back in January and have had the best time dreaming up fun projects with the team!

Q: What does being a good human mean to you?

A: With family and friends, it means being a devoted cheerleader and always trying to support the big or small achievements in their lives. When it comes to design and clients, it means making sure that they are going to LOVE the space they get to come home to everyday.

"Easy, making people feel good and supported. "

Erika with her husband and adorable daughter

Q: What has been your favorite project since working at Unscripted?

A: Mariah and Timothy Patrick's house has to be my favorite project so far! Not only are they the cutest family with the sweetest little girl, but they really allowed us to go bold and be creative on this project. This was a fun one because we went for a bold art-filled home with pops of orange throughout and even added a giant jersey wall to commemorate some of Tim's favorite football players. Of course we added his very own Bronco's 81 jersey to the mix!

Timothy Patrick's Home - Unscripted Interior Design -Denver Bronco's
Our Residential Studio on install for the home of Bronco's player Timothy Patrick!

Q: How have you evolved as a designer since starting at Unscripted?

A: The Residential Studio is very collaborative in the entire project process, which is refreshingly new to me. This allows for the combining of ideas for a truly unique and different design that we might not have achieved without that element of collaboration.



Q: What is your favorite type of room to design and why?

A: I love designated entertaining spaces. These secluded areas, such as a lounge space used to wind down or a bar area that serves as a lively party spot, are usually the rooms where clients like to step outside of the box and let us be super creative. They usually end up being the favorite space in the home for the client as it allows a fun escape for them.

Chad Dorsey- Unscripted Interior Design
One of Erika's favorite home bar designs, by Chad Dorsey

Q: How would you describe your personal interior style?

A: I call it 'Tailored Masculine Minimalist'. I love mixing textures and patterns, but like to keep the overall palette fairly masculine while mixing in curated artisan pieces.

Q: If you could buy one piece of furniture or artwork (with an unlimited budget) what would it be?

A: Frampton Co has a sofa from their home collection, and I literally drooled when I first saw it!

Tux Sofa from the X Collection by Frampton Co

Q: Where do you find inspiration when designing?

A: I don't think I would be the designer I am today without having experienced so many different places around the world. I was fortunate to take a sourcing trip to London and France in 2020 and visit many different vendors. At the Mark Alexander Studio, I met the textile designers and saw their process—the sketchbooks, the paint and different elements used. It was great seeing the breakdown of the entire textile process. This has led me to have a fascination with textiles and an obsession with different designers in all aspects, from art to furniture.

Q: Who is your favorite interior designer and why?

A: Frampton Co is my favorite because it is a very art driven, multidisciplinary design firm with the exuberance of what you would expect from a New York based firm.

Bridgehampton Estate designed by Frampton Co



Q: Tell us about a favorite trip you’ve taken?

A: Europe 2019: Hubby and I started in London then made our way to Amsterdam, Cologne, Geneva, and finally ended in Zermatt, Switzerland. It was such a fun and exciting trip—we loved every part of it and can't wait to take the little one!

Q: Tell us about your favorite moment from 2022?

A: We took a trip to Maui for my brother's wedding, and it was our daughter's first tropical trip. We spent a week by the pool and experienced lots that Maui has to offer with family and friends and rounded it off with the loveliest wedding by the ocean.

Q: Outside of work, what are some of your favorite passions or hobbies?

A: In the winter we spend a lot of time exploring the mountain towns and enjoying the snow. During the Summer, we love to camp, spending lots of time by the water and just enjoying being outside. Our little one is going to be two this summer, so we are looking forward to lots of fun outdoor time with her.

Q: What project are you most excited for in 2023 + how has your design experience prepared you for this moment?

A: This is a tough one because I am fortunate to have started the year off with three awesome projects. We have a tropical project located in the Caribbean that is currently in the works that I was able to dream and scheme on—so this one has been really fulfilling creatively.

I also have a project in the Washington Park neighborhood that is a new build in a very desirable Denver area, with a great modern aesthetic, which style-wise is so exciting for me.

Finally, My Colorado Country Club project is going to be softer and more layered, and I am really channeling a design style that is a what I would call California Coastal Eclectic—something that I became very fond of working in California.


Thanks so much, Erika for spending some time with us! Want more? Follow our blog to keep up with good humans, good design and get to know our Unscripted Rockstars!


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