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Unscripted's Life on Set During HGTV's Rock The Block: Season 4

Season 4 of HGTV's hit series #RockTheBlockColorado has officially wrapped after an exciting run of competition-packed episodes! Although our time as TV stars is over, we couldn't be more thrilled to have been a part of this crazy ride from start to finish and will forever remember all the friendships we established along the way!

Our very own Risa Burke, Michelle Buster, Lisa Butler, and Stevie Dillman were each assigned to a home, where they teamed up with the star-studded cast to transform their spaces, in hopes of being named the winners of Rock The Block!

The whole Unscripted family pitched in to work extra hard on this project—including Wendy Welsh, our Model Home Director of Design, with assistance from Commercial Director of Design Sven Wypyszyk, and of course, Principals Kari Armstrong and Kate Pourhassanian.

Unscripted Interior Design at HGTV's Rock The Block after party with Landmark Homes.
Unscripted's designers posing with their teams. From left to right: Lisa Butler, Stevie Dillman, Michelle Buster, Risa Burke

Behind The Scenes

While filming was long and arduous at times, we made so many amazing memories along the way. From laughing at host Ty Pennington's jokes and being treated to churros from The Snowy Churro, to testing out Team Sarah and Bryan Baeumler's parkour course, our days filming for Rock The Block were never short of a good time!


Life On Set!

When Unscripted was asked to join the Rock The Block crew we knew it would be hard work, but true to our values, we're always up for a challenge and ready to go off script. We were thrilled to partner with HGTV and the incredible talent, contractors, vendors and companies who came together to make every episode happen. It was amazing how quickly Landmark Homes built four quality houses around this cul de sac in the lovely Heron Lakes golf community, and we learned it truly takes a village to create the magic you see on TV. As the design producers, we were behind the scenes from start to finish, every step of the way—and we'll be forever grateful for the opportunity!


The Grand Finale

After a long ride, Season 4 has finally wrapped, but not without a winner! Last Monday, judge Jasmine Roth (Season 1 Rock The Block winner) and judges Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson (reigning Rock The Block champions) toured all the completed homes and slowly named an ultimate champion.

This season featured the largest and priciest homes ever seen on Rock The Block.

Each home had a starting value of $1.9 million—and while the competition was extremely close, the numbers don't lie! After considering all the renovations (coming in at 2.85 million with the highest appraised value), judges named Team Michel Boyd and Anthony Elle the winners of Rock The Block! From the main suite's private balcony to the basement speakeasy and the additional ensuite off the kitchen, the added value and sexy design of Michel's and Anthony's home sealed the deal on their Rock The Block win!

Michelle with Michel Boyd and Anthony Elle on set of Rock The Block
Team Luxe for Less (Michel Boyd + Anthony Elle) with Design Producer Michelle Buster

After a long but worthwhile wait, we are so excited for you to finally see all of these gorgeous homes! Each team brought an entirely different vibe to their spaces, leaving us with four inspiring properties we just couldn't wait to share. They're all winners in our hearts... Click below to step inside each home!

Team Page Turner + Mitch Glew

🏆 Episode 2: Living Room Face-Off

Lisa and Page Turner at the Rock The Block after party.
Design Producer Lisa Butler + Designer Page Turner

Team Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin

🏆 Episode 1: Kitchen Face-Off

🏆 Episode 4: Lower Level Face-Off

Stevie and Kristina Crestin at the Rock The Block after party,
Design Producer Stevie Dillman + Designer Kristina Crestin

Team Michel Boyd and Anthony Elle

🏆 Episode 3: Main Suite Face-Off

🏆 Episode 6: Finale Face-Off

Michelle with with Michel Boyd and Anthony Elle at the Rock The Block after party,
Design Producer Michelle Buster with Michel Boyd + Anthony Elle

Team Sarah and Bryan Baeumler

🏆 Episode 5: Exterior Face-Off

Risa and Sarah Baeumler at the Rock The Block after party,
Design Producer Risa Burke + Designer Sarah Baeumler

Haven't watched the new season? Watch it now on Discovery+!

For more behind the scenes + content of these gorgeous homes 🎬...

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