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Lighting That Doubles As Art: Shop CEO Kari Armstrong's Latest Lighting Obsessions

Every year, Unscripted's designers take time to dig deep into the happenings of the design world. Through our research, we forecast the hottest trends for the upcoming year and release an annual trend report! We kicked off the trend tour with the exploration of audiophiliac design, but now it's time to—let there be light. 💡

Lighting serves as a vehicle for homeowners to go about their lives in maximum comfort, but it also can be a creative talking point within your space.

Why stop with art on the walls, when art can dangle from the ceiling or flank a vanity? Chains, bubbles, and pleats in all shapes and sizes. Instead of traditional finishes (black, brass, chrome), we are currently seeing interesting materials of all kinds: acrylic, paper, rattan. Its purpose goes beyond function—it's art.


Straight From The Source

As we went on the hunt for lighting that doubles as art, we asked our ultimate design inspiration + CEO Kari Armstrong to share with us some of her favorite lighting selections that bring more to the table than just functionality.

Artist Brian Thoreen creates "functional and nonfunctional" pieces that challenge our understanding of home design, which to no surprise is what landed his sculpture, 'Untitled- Corner Light', on Kari's list. This gorgeous one-of-a-kind light sculpture has us ready to purchase something bold for our space.

Untitled - Corner Light by Brian Thoreen

Speaking of bold, we can't help but elaborate on more of the statement lights that made Kari's list. From gorgeous hand-blown glass fixtures "inspired by Japanese packaging, buoys, and shibari" to totem light sculptures carved out of natural alabaster, these splurge-worthy pieces of art will have you feeling like you're living in a gallery.

Roll & Hill, a lighting manufacturer from New York City, collaborates with artists to create cutting edge products. One of Kari's favorites from a recent collaboration is the breathtaking "Knotty Bubbles"chandelier by Lindsey Adelman, sure to lure you in with its ethereal presence and intricate details.

Knotty Bubbles Chain by Lindsey Adelman for Roll & Hill

Also based in New York is renowned lighting manufacturer, Allied Maker. Their emphasis on quality and their obsession with natural materials draws CEO Kari Armstrong in often. In a recent collection inspired by the beauty of an ancient material, alabaster is shaped into massive light totems, showcasing the natural glow of the stone when light transfers through.


To incorporate Kari's curated lighting picks into your own home, shop her "Lighting That Doubles As Art" collection at our LikeToKnow shop, below!

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