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Audiophiliac Design Is Influencing the Way We Live Through Sound Exploration

Every year, Unscripted's designers take time to dig deep into the happenings of the design world. Through our research we forecast the hottest trends for the upcoming year and release an annual trend report! Come along with us as we explore how these trends play out in the real world, starting with our current favorite, audiophiliac design.

Audiophiliac design is the intersection of high-fidelity sound production and interior design with the goal of creating a space that is centered around elevating the auditory experience.

The incorporation of sensory elements is becoming a top priority for homeowners and business owners alike. Listening rooms with instruments, record players, sound systems, and acoustics are being integrated into residential and commercial floor plans. It's quite a turn from the serene, desensitization movement that stemmed from the pandemic.

According to Architectural Digest, listening rooms are "the next big thing" as designers are seeing an increase of requests from homeowners seeking a highly curated space to indulge in the magic of sound. With a rise in vinyl sales, and a yearning for curated environments that engage our senses, listening rooms are the perfect playground for those intrigued by audiophiliac design.



Kissa/kissaten or jazz kissa is the century long practice of Japanese style tea rooms and coffee shops or bars that center their identity around a unique sound experience, through playing vinyl on all-analog hifi systems.

Modeled after this practice, Denver's very own listening bar, ESP HiFi is situated in the Santa Fe Arts District offering every audiophile's dream + a range of natural wine, highballs, cocktails, and conservas. ESP stands for (extra sensory perception) and speaks to the offerings of this special space.

The Goods

Every audiophile knows a HiFi system is the core of the experience, which is why ESP took their time researching and visiting listening rooms all across the world in order to curate the perfect setup.

At ESP you will find a unique combination of vintage and modern technology that is constantly evolving as they continue on their sound journey. But for now, their drool worthy setup includes...

Garrard 401 Turntable

12" Thomas Shick tonearms

Condesa Carmen Mixer

2 line magnetic 845ia single ended class A amplifiers

Vintage Klipschorn speakers for the floor

Vintage Klipsch lowboy cornwalls for backbar

Custom built in storage for the vinyl collection + acoustic pannels

images from the gallery on ESP HiFi's website


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