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Good Humans, Good Design: Meet Buyer Caitlin Ladner

This week's Q + A is with Caitlin Ladner, Unscripted Rockstar since April of 2022. Caitlin is well-versed in the creative world, with an Associates degree in Visual Performing Arts from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design from Harrington College of Design. She has extensive experience in the industry, and we couldn't be more lucky to have her on the Unscripted team! We recently asked her to share her perspective on design, life, and of course, being a good human.

Caitlin's dream sofa she discovered working in the Roche Bobois showroom


All Things Unscripted

Q: When did you start at Unscripted?

A: I started at Unscripted in April of 2022. Before accepting my job, I was working for a Colorado home builder.

Q: What is your role in the company?

A: As a buyer, I handle all the orders from purchasing to install. I work with vendors to make sure orders ship on time and with the warehouses to make sure all items are received prior to install. I also handle damage claims and coordinate follow-up installs. I get to talk to a variety of different people every day and it's fun and always different.

Q: How did you get your start in the Interior Design industry?

A: I have a degree in Interior Design. I graduated into a weird job market where design firms were not really hiring. So, I ended up working in the retail side of the industry in various showrooms. I have also done store planning and AutoCAD work for a department store. I started to get into purchasing for designers when I worked at a furniture showroom and from there, I’ve done similar work for different companies, including a small architecture firm, a large homebuilder and now here. I am happy with the path my career has been taking.

Q: What does being a good human mean to you?

A: Being a good human obviously means treating others how you’d want to be treated, but it’s also so much more than that. It also means caring about the environment and other species. The planet is more than just our home, yet we make all the decisions about what happens to it.

"Being a good human means making sure the planet stays a great place for all living things to be."

Q: What is your favorite type of project to buy for and why?

A: Probably residential since the project is usually more personal or custom.

Q: What is your favorite thing you've purchased for a job since working at Unscripted? A: No one item! But I really enjoyed purchasing for a recent project in Seattle, it was very much my style!

Q: How do you go about finding new vendors and brands for jobs?

A: I don’t really select brands for jobs, but in my personal life… word of mouth from friends or Instagram ads. I honestly have a few furniture pieces from companies I discovered on Instagram.

Q: If you could buy one piece of furniture right now (with an unlimited budget) what would it be?

A: I would immediately buy this modular sectional called the Mah Jong from Roche Bobois. I used to work there, and I have been in love with it since. It’s essentially large floor cushions you can double stack or put on a platform to create any layout you want. It was displayed at the showroom in super colorful Missoni fabrics and that’s exactly what I’d want! you can get any fabric you want so it's super fun having endless options.

Vintage Roche Bobois Mah Jong Missoni sofa

Getting Personal

Q: Outside of work, what are some of your passions or favorite hobbies?

A: I love traveling, weekend road trips, hiking, photography, going to concerts, and going out to new restaurants. My boyfriend and I also love visiting famous houses and architectural places; and we also plan to start learning Spanish in 2023.

Caitlin visiting Falling Water by famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright

Q: What inspires you?

A: I love watching sunrises and sunsets at the beach. I used to watch the sunrise on the lake a few times a week back home in Chicago. It’s something I didn’t realize I’d miss so much moving to Denver. Not having a significant body of water 15 minutes away is very strange. Also, I moved away and people I know started to get boats. I feel I am missing out now.

"I feel most inspired when I spend time near water."

Q: One destination on your bucket list is ________________________.

A: I have a pretty extensive bucket list, but I hope to go to Japan in 2023. You can dress up as a Super Mario character and drive a go-kart around Tokyo like you’re in real life Mario Kart. I don’t really know what’s better than that.

Q: Tell me about a favorite trip or places you've visited...

A: I feel very fortunate to have been to some amazing places both near and far away, but I think my favorite place so far is Costa Rica. It felt like home there. I loved all plant life and animals there. It felt like Jurassic Park. I would honestly move there in heartbeat. The way they live in harmony with nature there is perfection.

Q: What would your dream project to buy for be?

A: Easy... my own home. It’s been a dream of mine to design my own house. I should probably look into buying land soon! I keep thinking of a cute little house in a Michigan beach town.

Q: How have you evolved as a buyer since working at Unscripted?

A: At my previous purchasing jobs, installers and warehouses were set up already, so I was never involved in helping find new ones and really knew nothing about the process. Since starting here, we have been looking for new installers pretty often to help with our growing project number. Seeing a little bit of how involved the process is and how different each installer is has been neat, and I think it's beneficial to know about as a buyer.

Q: Anything else you want to share? A: My Grandpa turned 101 last month, and I just wanted an excuse to share how cute he is!

Caitlin's grandfather!


Thanks so much, Caitlin for spending some time in the spotlight with us! Want more? Follow our blog to keep up with good humans, good design and get to know our Unscripted Rockstars.


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