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Our Residential Studio Gives This Cozy Mountain Retreat a Modern Refresh

When our latest clients purchased this Evergreen, Colorado, home for its prime location, good bones, and breathtaking mountain views, they knew its interiors would need a healthy dose of TLC... stat. And that's when they called us. Our Residential Studio couldn't wait to meet the challenge—imagining a redesign that would give this rustic retreat a modern flare, sure to reflect the active lifestyle of the family. Imbued with warmth and natural motifs, the refresh tells a story of the activities that called them farther into the mountains and speaks to the landscape the clients so deeply cherish.

"We created unexpected moments throughout the house by building tension between the soft mountain home aesthetic and the clean, minimalistic lines of the furnishings and accessories." — Erica Lax, Director of Design, Residential

Senior Designer and project lead Rebecca Moore styles the coffee table to perfection!

The Sanctuary

A living room is where a family spends their time together, and in this home, it's also where you can cozy up in front of the fireplace and enjoy panoramic mountain views. Senior Designer Rebecca Moore let no detail go overlooked, from the artwork above the fireplace to the gorgeous pair of Kelly by Kelly Wearstler matte sconces flanking either side.

"As an ode to the original character of the home, the fireplace in the living room was one element we kept, updated with the modern sconces by Kelly Wearstler to bring balance to the design!" — Rebecca Moore, Senior Designer, Residential

The cornerstone of this cozy retreat—equipped with mountain views + a wood-burning fireplace

Dare to Dine

Rebecca selected a glass chandelier with gorgeous brass hardware details from Arteriors to create a sense of brief extravagance in the space. She then paired six curved chairs in a cream boucle from Nuevo Living against a deep oak table and a navy rug from Loloi, which helps to soften the moodiness of the space in a subtle way.

"We wanted to create a special place for them to gather with their family in a more formal setting. We created a level of moodiness by utilizing a dark paint on the walls and ceiling, but still kept it soft + welcoming with the dreamy boucle chairs and elegant drapery. " — Rebecca Moore, Senior Designer, Residential

Gather Around

For days that call for casual dining, Rebecca created a cozy space just off the kitchen for the family to gather and socialize while meals are being prepped and shared.

"We chose a fixture designed by Regina Andrews for a modern take on the classic antler chandelier we love to see in a mountain home, and paired it with a custom art duo to add texture to the space." — Rebecca Moore, Senior Designer, Residential

We are so proud of Senior Designer Rebecca Moore and Residential Director of Design Erica Lax for finishing another lovely project. We look forward to returning to this beautiful location for phase two... stay tuned!


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