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#werkfromhome: Unscripted Design Edition

WEIRDEST. YEAR. EVER. With highs and even some lows—we at Unscripted Interior Designs want to give a heartfelt thanks to our Workday Warriors for putting our clients first and delivering the best of customer service, even as we managed our way through 2020. We saw many thoughtful acts of service and ongoing good happening around us every day from our team. And we are proud!!

They showed us we are all in this together. Their commitments, collaboration, and courage to continue on was more then appreciated, it brought light during times of uncertainty and fear and we can’t thank everyone on our team enough.

As our team adapted to work from home—we all learned new things!

Here’s a sneak peek from some of our back office warriors who spun on a dime and made magic happen even in a challenging context…

Meet Thomas: Accounting Manager

“Since I've been working at home, I've tried to keep the same/similar schedule during my day as when I was in the office, so I'm not sitting for hours at my desk at home”

Thomas has found that shifting to a 100% remote work style can be highly efficient and productive, but doesn’t forget to take frequent breaks to move around for a few minutes every day. He prefers to do this outside and get his daily dose of Vitamin D (Colorado weather permitting!). Another tip he has added to his “New normal” routine is to prepare and eat lunch away from his home office. This new rhythm has been successful and has added sanity to Thomas’ day!

Puppies for the win

Puppy cuddles make working from home even more awesome!

Meet Vicki: Purchasing Department According to Vicki, she has definitely found some solid “Wins” to a successful day when she’s working from home.

“Start each day with NO major fashion choices… slip on my comfy slippers and grab a hot cup of coffee for a very short commute to my home office for the day. This is a HUGE benefit for working from home!”

And as they say, with wins ALWAYS comes some LEARNS! Vicki finds that organizing her work space effectively so that she has easy access to everything she is currently working on, definitely comes in handy. Some successful adaptations: more technology less paper!!! And in the end, is less time consuming. WIN WIN!!

Meet Rachael: Production Manager

With remote work, and no “built-in” office interruptions like coworkers popping in or out, etc., Rachael has had to create those times herself.

“Just to break up the day and let my eyes get away from my computer! Taking a walk, make a cup of coffee, start a load of laundry!”

Some successful tips that Rachael finds helpful is utilizing Teams/Zoom platforms regularly to stay connected to her greater team. “This has been an adjustment, but I have loved using these platforms and it makes me feel like I’m still engaged on a personal level with all staff members!”

Another word of wisdom from Rachael is to be FLEXIBLE!!

“It seems these days, you just never know what is going to happen from week to week!” This mother of 2 young sons says, “From child care/school shutting down for 2 weeks without a moment’s notice, to staff scheduling changes, COVID delays with shipping, vendors, etc... I’m sure we ALL could create a lengthy list! But I am learning that being adaptable and finding creative solutions is such a strength of our team at HRI and I’ve enjoyed seeing all of us play our roles in navigating those hurdles!” Rachael has been instrumental in making everything as smooth as possible during very uncertain times… and we are grateful for her!

Meet Vivian: Purchasing Department According to Vivian, working from home is as productive as working in office… minus the commute! The biggest hurdles have been Covid related,

“It is a very different world out there! Delayed shipments, stock shortages, and long customer service waiting periods have been the hardest challenges to my day to day job. But everyone is dealing with the same issues and sometimes you just have to have some patience!”

Vivian enjoys dressing in comfy clothes while working at home! “Not sure I will remember to wear shoes and not my slippers when we go back to working in the office!!” One of the biggest learns for Vivian, who tirelessly works to make sure our installations are truly a success is to “keep my office door closed when I stop working for the day. I block it out and don’t really think of it as part of my living space anymore.” Great advice Viv!

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