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We Are Expanding! Unscripted Interior Design Launches New Commercial Studio

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Unscripted Interior Design is stepping into new territory with the launch of an additional Commercial Studio based in California. This studio will kickstart our journey into the multi-family, senior living, and affordable housing markets. Leading the charge is our new Vice President of Design, Jenny Giffen, LEED AP, NCIDQ. She comes to us with decades of experience, specifically 20 years of experience in the multi-family sector.

Unscripted Interiors Vice President of Design Jenny Giffen
Vice President of Design, Commercial, Jenny Giffen

With a design career spanning all realms of hospitality—from golf clubs and private city clubs to hotels and corporate offices—Giffen's experience brings a full scope of commercial product to our firm. Though her expertise has become even more specialized in the multi-family segment, with a diverse portfolio ranging from garden walk-ups in Fresno to luxury high rises in San Francisco, and beyond.

Jenny's enthusiasm for joining our team and launching this new design studio is anchored in one goal: diversity. Whether market rate, work force, affordable housing, or senior living, she not only looks forward to diversifying Unscripted's portfolio, she also looks forward to diversifying Unscripted's talent—developing high commercial standards and well-rounded interior designers.

When she's not designing and rapidly growing new business sectors, Jenny enjoys spending time with her husband, two children, and two-year-old grandson... and she loves to travel! From Africa to Peru, her sense of adventure has led her to many places around the globe. She says most of her itineraries revolve around scuba diving. "I've dove with every kind of underwater mammal out there. My bucket list item is to see a whale shark."

When it comes to design, nature is her purest form of inspiration. This became obvious when Jenny mentioned feeling a sense of awe and calm even from the smells she often discovers on a hike or a swim in the ocean. "If you can find a way to bottle that up and put it in a project, you should. It's so special."

Unscripted Interiors specializes in the unexpected, and this was naturally echoed through Jenny's response to "What is your favorite aspect of the design process?"

"The frame walk. This always throws people off because the answer should be something more glamorous, like the install. Until the frame walk, you've only ever seen the space in 2D. And to see it in real life for the first time is amazing. You start visualizing what the space will really feel like."

And with that, please join us in wishing Jenny Giffen a warm welcome! She is the perfect fit for this brand-new position, and we're honored to have her at the helm of this new studio.

Unscripted currently designs in 24 states, and we're always looking for a new adventure! We would love to put you on the map. Let's chat!

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