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Unscripted Interior Design Gets Inspired at 2022 Las Vegas Market

One of the most crucial aspects of Interior Design is making way for inspiration—constantly opening our eyes and minds to exciting new avenues of design. Last week, members of our team had the chance to travel to Nevada for the 2022 Summer Las Vegas Market at the Las Vegas Design Center. While attending market, our team of rockstars was excited to discover new vendors and visit with industry veterans who have quickly become friends through years of working together to create beautiful spaces.

"Market provides our new internal talent with industry insights that can't necessarily be put into words in the studio." – Unscripted Interiors CEO Kari Armstrong

In the midst of the pandemic, Unscripted took a long pause from attending market. So for some of our designers, July 2022 was the first opportunity to travel to market and see how the team benefits from evaluating vendors and interpreting trends in a way that can truly infiltrate our design process. When it comes to trends, seeing vendors who get it right first-hand makes it that much easier to infuse new design elements directly into our upcoming projects in ways that are relevant and exciting. From furniture vendors to decor designers, the exposure to all types of products helps our designers "create spaces that feel more personalized and special," says Director of our Residential Design, Erica Lax.

Unscripted team with Bob Eisen, at LeftBank Art showroom

Some of our favorite takeaways (the short list!) include visiting with LeftBank Art rep, Bob Eisen; it is always refreshing to spend time with friends in the industry! The team also scoped out dozens of new vendors, including textile vendor Treko, who creates beautifully woven, naturally dyed products for designers and retailers in hopes of sharing traditional Chilean textile practices with the Interior Design world.

Naturally dyed pillows from Treko

The Unscripted team was thrilled to be in attendance again (finally!)—and we returned to our Colorado HQ with inspiration that will be sure to shine in our upcoming projects.

Keep scrolling for more photos of our favorites—plus some exciting sneak peeks of trends and vendors for the year to come.

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