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HRI Design is now Unscripted Interior Design

After more than three decades of award-winning history, HRI Design has a new name, a new identity and a continued commitment to never sit still—introducing Unscripted Interior Design. When Kari Armstrong acquired HRI from Hillary Reed 14 years ago, with it came an opportunity to bring her lifelong passion for interior design to life in ways that move people to feel, and to connect.

Now the CEO of Unscripted Interior Design, Kari explains how she defines design, “It’s the way something looks and comes together. The way someone is attracted to it. They may not even know why they like it, just that they do. It’s not always comfortable. It’s not formulaic. And it can’t feel like a kit.” It was the energy in that explanation that inspired the evolution of the HRI Designs brand to become Unscripted Interior Design.

With headquarters in Denver, CO and a Design Studio in Orange County, CA and work spanning the nation, there is no set approach or design aesthetic easily identifiable as coming out of the commercial, custom residential, or model merchandizing studios at Unscripted. And they like it that way.

Explains COO Kate Pourhassanian, one of three sisters, who along with Kari and sister Kasey Miller, the company’s CFO, own and operate the business, “We try and do the thing not done before. Each project has its own voice, and we have huge respect for that. Our design doesn’t look like ‘our design’—it’s layered, intentional and inspired by the way life just happens, to create unexpected special places you can’t take your eyes off.”

“Unscripted” tells the greater story of where the company has been, and where it’s going. More importantly, the name promises to better serve clients—opening doors to new markets, new areas, and new ventures.

Three sisters, and their love and respect for each other set the tone for how the team at Unscripted collaborates with clients. “We have a common thread, a foundation, and we have great respect and regard for each other and the different aspects we bring to the business,” explains Kasey. It shows. Those foundational elements come down to three things:

1. 100% commitment to customer service 2. A design-first focus 3. Being a good human

With that foundation firmly in place, the creative hearts and minds at Unscripted challenge themselves to expand their range, have a little fun, listen more deeply, ask curious questions, and well, go off script. Not taking themselves too seriously—they’re well aware they are not curing cancer—they are determined to make the world a more beautiful place. Things are just getting started.

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