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Firm Celebrates First Year as Unscripted Interior Design

Happy anniversary to us! Unscripted Interiors is thrilled to celebrate the first anniversary of our new name, new identity and same commitment to delivering unique, innovative interior designs across the nation. After more than four decades of award-winning history as HRI Design, we rebranded to Unscripted Interior Design in 2021, fully embracing a name that speaks to our pursuit of unexpected design forms—and the year since then has flown by! Our first anniversary as Unscripted Interiors represents a meaningful milestone in this exciting new chapter of our story which we proudly celebrate with our top notch team, vendors, clients and co-collaborators.

CEO of Unscripted, Kari Armstrong, takes a moment to reflect on the company’s journey:

“Since the beginning, it has been the hope of myself and my sisters, Kate Pourhassanian, COO and Kasey Miller, CFO, to share our passion for design inspired by the beauty of life’s stories. It’s been a joy to bring our clients’ stories to life, and in doing so, we’ve been honored to be the recipient of over 100 regional and national industry accolades for design excellence across the country. We’ve opened doors to new markets, new areas and new design ventures, expanding the Rockstar team and the custom residential portfolio. We’ve tackled a wide range of projects from working with Netflix and former NFL star Colton Underwood on his Colorado and California residences, to the inclusive Trailhead Community—a non-profit housing project for adults with developmental disabilities. It’s humbling to celebrate the first anniversary of our rebranded identity that has been so warmly embraced by the industry.”

We are grateful for the meaningful collaborations we’ve been lucky to have that support creativity and pushing the envelope. Our relationships with local artists and galleries play an important role in our commitment to artful placemaking and thought-provoking design concepts. As a token of our gratitude, we partnered with Abend Gallery to give away an original oil painting by local Denver artist Judd Mercer for our Unscripted Anniversary Contest. As part of the contest, we distributed limited edition miniature signed prints from Mercer and our favorite chocolates to some of our loyal friends and followers. To enter the contest, contestants posted selfies (with their lovely faces) showing where they would display this art in their homes.

We loved seeing the participation, not to mention style and creativity! Congrats to winners Lisa Parrish from Team PMP and Unscripted fan James Leonard.

Thank you everyone for your support and for being a part of our first year as Unscripted Interiors. New and exciting projects are on the way, and we can’t wait to share it all! Whether it’s in our commercial, custom residential, or model merchandising studios, we’re committed to building on our award-winning legacy and continuing to push the boundaries of design to develop unique and unforgettable spaces.

Here’s to what’s ahead in chapter two! 🍾

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