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Dig Into Placemaking Deets with the Unscripted Interior Design Commercial Studio

As interior designers, we are inspired by life’s stories. Our process for placemaking is never formulaic. While each project we take on is different, specific life stages and wellness are often factors that largely influence our design goals. We recently spoke with wellness environment experts, DesignWell, about our placemaking approach, and our 55+ clubhouse project at Caramella Ranch in Reno, Nevada. We love digging into the details!

Caramella Ranch is a luxurious and lively 55+ community surrounded by show-stopping mountains and vibrant city life. Our designs maximize the incredible views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and allow for ample natural light, creating dramatically beautiful gathering spaces that encourage and entice residents to get involved and stay active.

“Looking into active workspaces for inspiration helped to understand how we could give residents a space they can both connect and relax in. We wanted each area of the building to feel comfortable regardless of if there was one resident or 20. Flexibility and versatility of space was key.” —Svendja Wypyszyk, Director of Commercial Design

Our thoughtfully-designed spaces don’t just elicit emotions, but behavioral responses as well. One of our favorite examples of this in the Caramella Ranch Clubhouse is at the fitness room. Most fitness centers we see are isolated, closed off from major pathways. Here, the fitness space free-flows into the main walkway, creating a more dynamic energy and inspiring residents to join the activities.

“Another goal was keeping the design vibrant and playful yet functioning for an aging demographic. There are a lot of opportunities in this space for a range of activities and it is equipped to handle anything from a poker night to a full community event.” —Kari Armstrong, CEO

Retired residents have time to live multifaceted lives, so the importance of flexibility must be broad enough to embrace many different lifestyles. In addition to that, there are also safety considerations and compliances to be met within an active adult community.

“The focus on an aging demographic was a huge consideration in this project. Going beyond ADA compliance, we were able to accomplish this by acknowledging seat heights and depths that are easy to get in and out of, ensuring task areas are well-lit and understanding where additional safety needs to be considered such as fitness showers.” —Alyse Hages, Interior Designer NCIDQ

Read our full interview with DesignWell.


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