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Chair of the Year – 2020

The verdict is in! We asked you and we received a resounding favorite… Drum roll please…

We are proud to announce Unscripted Interior Designs 2020 Chair of the Year: the glamorous Celeste by Bohinc Studio. Lara Bohinc is the mastermind behind this beauty. She debuted her remarkable collection, featuring the Celeste at Milan Design Week at Alcova in 2019. Building upon her background in metalwork and jewelry design, honed while consulting with luxury brands Montblanc, Gucci and most notably, Cartier, led Lara to open Bohinc Studio in 2016, where she continues to work with form, materials and manufacturing approaches. Relying upon her versatility, Bohinc juxtaposes form and function while marrying the mediums of jewelry, textiles, and furniture.

The Celeste is an eye-catching and exciting take on a traditional form. The elegant and minimal chair is very geometrically inspired. Bohinc’s inspiration behind The Celeste came from her obsession with all things round and spherical, stating “this shape is essential to our perception and understanding of the world.”

This chair is constructed with contrasting shapes, materials and textures. Flaunting exquisite craftsmanship, the Celeste is multifaceted and light. The support comes from the large circular back made from verdigris patinated copper and structured elemental lines, made from galvanized steel. The two-round cushions on the back and seat are composed of upholstered circular Kvadrat wool fabric cushions. The abstract shape gives it substance while remaining delicate. This chair is delicate, standing at only 2 and a half feet but the distinctiveness makes it perfect for a living room statement piece.

We love this chair because it is fabulously chic from any angle. It is sure to elevate your decor and dazzle all your guests. It’s not only a trendsetting piece but statement you’re not likely to forget. Be sure to check it out on Bohinc Studios Website!


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