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5 Fun Ways to Get Your Home Spring Ready

Spring has sprung! Looking forward to sunny days, greener gardens, and lighter days ahead? Freshen up your homes/home offices/home schools/ with something newer, brighter, and better. Here are some easy, quick tips on how you can update your home to welcome spring.

1. Declutter

Embrace your inner Marie Condo and toss the things that aren't sparking joy.

2. Reorganize

After you do a clean sweep and clear some space, rearrange and apply organized design principles to make your home a relaxing sanctuary.

3. Embrace More Color!

An instant change in color can boost your mood! Trade in those heavy winter throws, pillows, and bedding for brighter colors and lighter materials. Pick something spring-worthy to match the extra hours of bright, natural light beaming into your house.

4. The Great Outdoors

Breathe new life into your outdoor furniture with new fabrics or paint. Grab a few more trinkets to really make the space your own. Market lights make for fun nights!

5. Bring the Outside In

Give you windowsill a little friend. Fresh cut flowers and edible herbs can instantly bring life to a space.

Or you may realize after a year into the pandemic it's home improvement project time—do the thing you’ve been dreaming about! Change what isn't working and embrace what does.

Too much to handle on your own? Call us (303) 794-0051 and let us us know how we can help. Free from patterns or a set design aesthetic, we will create a space inspired by your life's story.


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