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Unscripted Hires New Director of Residential Design

We have all heard the timeless adage ‘home is where the heart is’ - where truly everyone’s home should be their harbor, where they feel loved and ultimately be a clear reflection of their lives. Therefore, Unscripted Interior Design is celebrating all things ‘home’ with the expansion of our Residential Design Studio and now have some BIG news to share…

Allow us to introduce you to ERICA LAX, our new Director of Residential Design.

Erica joins our Unscripted team with quite an illustrious design career. Although she is a Colorado native, her design journey really took off in the Golden State of California. After over a decade of creating a myriad of beautifully inspired spaces and running a very successful design-centric retail store, she returned to her home state of Colorado.

The past 5 years, Erica has been deeply engaged with Colorado’s design community, designing custom residential and multi-family spaces. And we at Unscripted are elated to have her join our band of design mavens to bring our clients even more inspiration.

“My design philosophy is there’s inspiration everywhere – we just need to be open to seeing it!”

With a love for travel and a passion for exploring the never-ending color palette of the outdoors, Erica finds true design inspiration when in nature because “there’s no better designer then Mother Earth.” She’s eager to immerse herself in new surroundings, new projects, and can’t wait to create new spaces wherever our clients’ homes take us. Appreciating everything from a classic Tudor to a modern minimalist style, she is drawn to any well thought-out and curated design, no matter the style. Because truly, “good design is good design!”

Erica is our office’s newly crowned ‘mind-reader’ and thrives on understanding each client and their unique style; making it a personal mission to make her client’s home dreams come true. So, join us in welcoming Erica Lax to our Unscripted Family and stay tuned as her designs impact our clients in ways that will cause for pause and applause!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like to start a design conversation with us!

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