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Off Script With Kari Armstrong

Kari is the Principal and CEO of Unscripted Interior Design, although she doesn't fancy such serious titles. She's really more of a Chief Visionary Officer. When she's not busy running creative for Unscripted, you can find her wandering local art galleries for interesting pieces to add to her personal collection or getting crafty on her new loom as she delves into the world of weaving.

About Unscripted CEO Kari Armstrong

We recently sat down with Kari to dig a little deeper (laugh, a lot) and discover all the fun things that make her the creative genius she is. Here's the scoop!


What I'm Listening To

Unscripted CEO Kari Armstrong spotify playlist Mountain Air

Everything! I ALWAYS have music on in my house (just ask my kids, it makes them crazy)!

Here’s some of my favs right now: The Avett Brothers (I try to see them at Red Rocks every summer), Caamp, and Shakey Graves—and of course some country from Tyler Childers and Zach Bryan.

I also love to listen to the “Mountain Air” playlist on Spotify, or when I just need a little background music to help me focus, I really enjoy Debussy (which I'm not entirely sure I can pronounce). Queuing up the “Classical Bangers” playlist on Spotify never disappoints.

The Avett Brothers at Red Rocks


What I'm Watching

Unscripted CEO Kari Armstrong favorite show

I recently binged The Gilded Age. I loved it—couldn't stop watching. Succession has been my newest obsession!


What I'm Eating (or Drinking)

Unscripted CEO Kari Armstrong with CFO Kasey Miller
Kari with sister & CFO Kasey Miller, Diet Cokes in hand

I’m unapologetically not really a “foodie”... I keep it simple. Don’t get me wrong, I love a yummy restaurant with a great drink and even better company, but I’m not the one directing where to go.

However, I do consider myself a Diet Coke connoisseur. You'll never find me with coffee around the office, just that infamous silver-and-red can. And if we're heading out for a drink, thing paloma, margarita, or an ice cold beer. Yes, I said beer.


What I'm Reading

Unscripted CEO Kari Armstrong book

So, I have a few things going right now. First is The Creative Doer by Anna Lovind. I just started it, but I like to have something going that is about being creative and how to direct that energy. Then I just got this cool book for inspiration, Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors: Things We Made (love it!), and lastly, I'm flying through Book Lovers by Emily Henry... just a guilty-pleasure book to take my mind away.


Artists I'm Loving

CEO Kari Armstrong's Encore by Vincent Xeus

One of my all-time favorite artists is Vincent Xeus. I fell in love with him at Gallery 1261 and Abend Gallery years ago and purchased his painting, Encore, for my home office. It inspires me every day.

I have a special place in my heart for Daisy Patton, too. We purchased a piece from her for Unscripted's Colorado Headquarters, and I have a piece of my own that has a prominent place in my home! Her work was recently on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver as part of their RedLine exhibit, and I loved running into one of her beautiful pieces at the Denver Art Museum a couple months ago, too.

I've also had a long-time fascination with sculptor and ceramic artist Taylor Kibby, and I have my eye on a piece of hers I'd love to add to my collection.

Daisy Patton Museum of Contemporary Art Denver
Daisy Patton exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver


Top 3 Favorite Things in My Home

Quang Ho Leviton 3 fine art painting

(Because it's impossible for her to choose just one)

  1. Quang Ho's "Leviton 3" that hangs in my primary bath and brings me such a sense of peace and calm

  2. The McGuire Lounge Chairs by Laura Kirar in my sitting room (a special room reserved for chairs only)

  3. A special piece of art I brought home from one of my trips to Hawaii: "From the Heart" by Eric Tore. This one takes me back to my very happy place.


A Perfect Day Off

Art of Wintering by Jeanne Oliver
Inspiration for Jeanne Oliver's Art of Wintering Course

I love to work with my hands, it’s therapeutic and relaxing to me, and a great creative outlet for all my design juices to flow through.

I’ve started drawing again, I like to take online classes with Jeanne Oliver, and I’m actually doing one called The Art of Wintering right now. Most recently on my creative escapades, I decided that I want to learn to weave. I follow this gal, Maryanne Moodie who inspires me, so I bought a small loom and a beginners book from her and I’m going to give it a go... stay tuned!


rapid fire questions with Unscripted CEO Kari Armstrong

This is just the beginning... we look forward to introducing you to more of our amazing Executives and Directors throughout the year!


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